Cineon Training was founded in 2016 by consultants from the UK Nuclear Industry who identified a need for more effective Human Performance training within nuclear and other sectors.  Cineon Training is a collaboration between the University of Exeter and Cineon Productions Ltd.

The overall aim of this collaboration has been to augment an immersive human factors training, developed by Cineon Training, with the research findings of the University. Using contemporary immersive training scenarios, in conjunction with more traditional training methods (presentations and workshops), we aim to enhance the training of techniques and principles of human factors that are critical for success (risk management, dealing with pressure, team-work, communication).

We utilise an ‘Evidence Based’ approach to the production of training content which is a departure from the traditional training techniques deployed by high-risk industries. This approach, which has already been adopted by the aviation industry, is considered more effective due to the fact that it makes use of up to date research. The coupling of this, with the immersive scenarios, make this a unique training experience.

Cineon Productions Ltd have a great deal of experience in the creation of immersive environments to facilitate learning, and deploy a number of innovative techniques in the production of content such as 360 filming and Virtual Reality.