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Virtual Reality and Immersive Technology Applications in Sport Psychology

Course Type: 1 Day Seminar

Dates: 27th July 2017 and 28th September 2017

Location: The University of Exeter

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Previous Events

Our Human Performance and Immersive Technology Seminar was held on the 27th April 2017 at the University of Exeter and included the following: Click here for more information.

  • Dr Samuel Vine of the University of Exeter presented research into ‘Challenge and Threat reactions’ and how these can influence decision making and performance.
  •  Human Performance exercises using Oculus Rift headsets and touch sensors. These included a demonstration of a current nuclear decommissioning project in the UK.
  • Beehive Coaching and Leadership Development Ltd presented a case study of work they have undertaken with Bangor University looking at Trust Models.
  • Demonstrations of research relating to the use of eye movement tracking and training with examples from military, aviation and sporting settings.
  • The use of 360 video technique was showcased in an immersive training scenario applicable to a range of environments.
  • Ex-airline pilot and Human Performance Specialist Trevor Dale presented at the event. Trevor was one of the pioneers of Crew Resource Management training in British Airways and co-author of SLIPS (Safety and Leadership for Interventional Procedures and Surgery) course at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.
  • Sammy Tweddle, Senior Assurance Engineer at Horizon Nuclear Power delivered a talk entitled ‘Practical Applications of Human Factors in Nuclear Safety Assessments’

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