Toby de Burgh has many years of experience working as a senior consultant in the nuclear industry, primarily in nuclear safety but also waste management and engineering.   He started his career working with submarines at Devonport Dockyard before moving into reactor decommissioning with Magnox and Research Sites Restoration Ltd.  Toby is also a video specialist having worked on creative commissions for the UK Film Council and has produced a great deal of training content for industry.

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Dr Samuel Vine is an Experimental Psychologist, with a broad range of interests in the area of skill learning, expertise and performance under pressure.  He is particularly interested in how visual attention (examined through eye tracking) and other physiological processes mediate motor skill and decision making performance. Sam applies his research to a range of different domains (e.g., sport, surgery, military, and aviation) and populations (e.g., children, elite performers and patient groups).


Kate Sprake is a certificated Radiation Protection Adviser and has worked in both the Nuclear industry and the medical sector and hence brings a wealth of experience to the team.  Kate is still active in healthcare and undertakes risk assessments and delivers training for hospitals working with sources of ionising radiation.  Kate is an experienced trainer working both with schools and industry.